Upcoming: MethLab Bristol

Upcoming: MethLab Bristol

Event: MethLab Bristol


Date: 30th September


Venue: Blue Mountain


Genre: Drum and Bass, Neurofunk


Price: £14.50 https://afterdark.co/events/bristol/blue-mountain/methlab---bristol

Key Artists: Billain, Broken Note, Audeka

If you like: Current Value, Amon Tobin, MethoDNB, Terminal Records

Didn’t like the freshers’ week? Already drained from the first week of uni? We can help!

Neuro label MethLab is settling into Bristol’s Blue Mountain this Saturday.

Current Value’s young but already legendary label is bringing some of its very best.

Headling is Bosnian born Billain, there to show off his Eastern European dubplates.

With releases in Invisible, Bad Taste recordings and Eatbrain, Billain is one of the neurofunks finest.

Luckily, its not the same old generic neuro we are recently witnessing.This one has less of the screaming synths or banging subs, more of a fine musical chemistry, much more pleasing the ear. Don’t get me wrong, I love that quintessential neuro sound. Yet some recent releases have played it safe and therefore, seem a bit boring.

This only proves that to be hooked up to the MethLab you must be against the law.

Check out Billain’s other-worldy alter ego – ΔΞTHΞK /AETHEK, a format releasing some weird halftime dnb.


Broken Note is another name from this Saturday’s masterclass.

The co-founder of MethLab is a pioneer, not only of production but real DJing.

Something rare among the sea of pre-recorded sets.

With heavy metal and dark bass influences, his releases have always been loved by any bass audience.

Broken Note’s recent ‘Dust and Shadows’ mixtape is an incredible experiment illustrating the beauty of the broken beat and providing a teaser for an upcoming LP.


Describing themselves as “painters”, the trio Audeka will also be there to hype us with their brand new ‘Lost Souls’ LP. 

The rest of the line-up is no less exciting, with performance from Disprove & Merikan back to back, Bristol’s well-known War, as well as Dusky Ribbons x Slugwife showcase in room 2.

There is even an ‘Anonymous guest’ billed, to give some mystery to the evening.

This Saturday night will be one of a kind so be ready for an extraordinary experience.

Written and edited by Eva Chrisoff - Underground Deputy Editor

Edited by Reece Webster - Underground Editor