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Feature: Collective x Sofa Sounds: The DLR Interview

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Feature: Collective x Sofa Sounds: The DLR Interview

Event: Collective x Sofa Sound – launch party

Date: 10th August 2017 21:30 – 2:30

Venue: The Crofters Rights, Stokes Croft

Price: £5 (on the door)

Key Artists: DLR, Ant TC1

If You Like: Run @ Motion, Dispatch records, well produced drum and bass rollers




The Bristol boy DLR is launching his Sofa Sounds label this Thursday night in partnership with promoters Collective.

Ant TC1 and Script appear on the bill for the night, both performances not to be missed.

Coming fresh from Let it Roll drum and bass festival in Czech Republic, DLR will blast us with first class bass.

Releases from the artist feature on Metalheadz, Dispatch, Trendkill Records, Shogun Audio and Break’s prolific Symmetry imprint. 

From Thursday he takes a step out on his own with his very own record label, a welcome addition to Bristol’s DNB legacy.

There is nothing better than hearing direct from the Chef himself, so I caught up with DLR to get details straight from the kitchen (or the sofa).


Source: Metalheadz

Source: Metalheadz

What will your label be like and sound like?

"The label is me expressing myself, pushing the direction I want to go in which is more focused on rolling drum and bass tunes that also have progression and direction.

Really, it's a reflection of where I'm living, at the time I'm living here.

Bristol is a buzzing place for music in general but also because of the heritage of dnb it means you can really push a deeper more bassline heavy sound which has a lot of subtleties and progression.

Of course, this is true wherever you come from, you make the music you feel like making, I guess I'm just trying to say I feel comfortable and inspired to push this sound on the streets of Bristol.

Sofa Sound is a statement about how in the studio the best sound is always on the sofa. It's where you get the big warm bass.. Which is fundamental to life as a whole haha."


What kind of producers will you be looking for?

"I was focussing on myself and collaborations, however, already I'm feeling greedy: there are a few producers out there which I have been blown away by.

When asking them about their music and production they tell me about how they learnt a lot from me, my videos, sample packs etc, which is insanely humbling for me!

So I'm keen to look at my options and see if I can sign up a little sofa sound team and start to build something really special but we will see.

If you’re wondering what kind of producers I'm looking for then for me it’s all about people that are hungry and driven to push forward what I believe is one of the integral parts of dnb, that driving, rolling sound that I love."


How did you end up making a label?

"I just felt this urge to express myself...

Enough moaning at the other labels I work with about release times, artwork, etc.

They all do the best they can, realistically have a lot of artists and releases to look after so I was keen to see what it's like for myself.

Honestly, it's been tough getting vinyl scheduled in as production times are taking a while, so it's a real process and I'm learning non stop!"

"Also, I had this track with Quadrant called 'ghostfish' which is the first release on the label.

At first I liked the track.

However, it wasn't long till I realised it was a special one, which seemed to be grabbing a lot of ears even though it's not crazy and over the top.

But just nice rolling, driving and funky with that throwback to the old stuff, yet with a newer take on the production.

It just seemed to spark something in me.

I guess it felt like a tune which almost totally represents where I'm coming from which is a perfect statement for any new label, setting the standard right from the start."


Tell us a few words about Collective and what we will see this Thursday night?

"The Collective is all about getting together, having somewhere that the dnb community can meet, listen to beats, drink good beer and chat about everything and anything.

Running the night is myself, Break, Kyo, Mako, Hydro, Onset, Total Science.

Also involved is Randall and Gusto.

And then we have some other crew who came on board who are more up and coming like: Ill Truth; Subtle Element and; Mass.

Ill Truth and Subtle Element especially have been making some great music, and it's nice to be in touch with them.

They also get a lot of confidence playing their tunes to the likes of Break etc and it's really starting to build an amazing thing."

"The format of the night is Thursday nights, 3 DJs with 90mins each, 1 or 2 MC’s, great sound, great beer and good vibes.

So really our expectations are very little, we are always just so happy that people come to support the idea, especially with so much happening in Bristol.

As well as huge lineups all the time, it’s amazing for us that we get such a strong crew of people coming down who pretty much make it the highlight of my month, every month.

When I'm touring and unable to go it also makes me very sad because it’s honestly one of the best things I've done and all of us can’t wait to keep things going!"

It's easy to see how much passion is going in to both the new record label and the Collective nights.

With a stellar line up and some brand new releases on the cards, Thursday is looking to be a big one.

If you have been lazy, sat on your butt all summer season, Sofa Sound might be just for you.

Then again, if you've been partying hard all summer, this one is likely for you too.

Written by Eva Christoff - Underground Deputy Editor

Edited by Reece Webster - Underground Editor