Feature: In:Motion 2017 Preview

Feature: In:Motion 2017 Preview

It’s difficult to imagine a situation where I’d be hoping lazy summer days would pass by more quickly.

Photo by Sarah Koury

Photo by Sarah Koury

However, since the release of the 2017 In:Motion line-up, winter just can’t come soon enough.


Bristol’s favourite warehouse nightlife series is back, boasting an intimidating array of acts.


It consists of 16 nights spread across September – November, predominantly representing house, techno and drum and bass genres.

Source: BristolInMotion

Source: BristolInMotion




Northern Irish duo Bicep and techno behemoth Rødhåd have scored their own nights, alongside the incredible Mount Kimbie and, oddly, the more indie-electronica act Metronomy.


Just Jack’s renowned Halloween night is also looking as hot as ever.


Whilst I’ll definitely be grabbing some tickets for these later events, my sights are keenly trained on three other nights.



30th September - The Saturday Opening

What better way to open this year’s series than a headline from Bristol’s own bassline duo My Nu Leng?

I was recently treated to a surprise set by Tommy Leng at Cubana in May and it blew me away.

I’m excited to see them play a much larger venue, though given their now global status, this should seem like an intimate hometown gig to them.

 It’s great to see that both S.P.Y. and Mefjus also sit alongside on the lineup.


Mefjus recently collaborated with Camo and Krooked on ‘Mandala’, a complex masterpiece and one of my favourite tracks of 2017.

I’ll be waiting with bated breath for the producer to have it pumping out through Motion’s speakers.

Dubstep titan Caspa should provide some contrast in the mix too, as well Matt Jam Lamont’s dark-but-lively house tracks.

All in all, the opening is set to pack a punch.

Watch out though, this one’s selling out fast.



If you like bassline and progressive dnb, this night’s yours.

The main room is set to explode, with supergroup TQD (Royal T, DJ Q and Flava D) headlining as well as acts from P Money, Skepsis and Elijah.

Check out ‘Touch’, off of TQD’s debut release ‘UKG’.

I love its interesting mix of garage and bassline which I can’t wait to see live.

Honestly though, I think I’ll be spending most of the night in the second room, being presented by drum and bass label Critical, who put together a massive lineup.

Enei going back to back with Kasra will definitely be the set to watch.

The Upbeats and Dub Phizix are likely to keep the sweat pouring until the early hours.

To top it off, a special appearance on the stage from Foreign Beggars really is the icing on the cake.

I’m hoping to get some de-ja vu from a play of ‘Contact’, a stand out tune Foreign Beggars produced with Noisia back in 2011.


14th October - Hospitality

Whilst the last two nights have focussed on the darker side of electronic music, the Hospitality record label showcase is one for fans of much lighter drum and bass.

As usual, the lineup is phenomenal.

High Contrast is set to blow the roof off with his critically acclaimed production.

Source: BristolInMotion

Source: BristolInMotion

Judging by their inspiring set at this year’s Hospitality in the Dock, Fred V & Grafix will keep the quality tunes rolling.

Liquid favourites London Elektricity and Nu:Tone are also on the nights list of performances, as well as a guest appearance from The Prototypes, who I cannot wait to see.

The only criticism I have of Hospitality is that sets from their DJs tend to have similar tracklists.

Dimension’s ‘UK’ got about 10 plays at Hospitality’s last Motion night.

This unfortunately killed a few sets, after the first one hundred rounds of ‘duh duh duh duh duh…oh my gosh’.

That being said, the last event was still fantastic, and I’m hoping that this year will live up to my inflated expectations.

An absolutely stellar first wave announcement.

Swap your flip-flops for trainers and I’ll see you on the dancefloor.

Written by Adam Taylor - Underground Writer

Edited by Reece Webster - Underground Editor