Upcoming: Trajections_

Upcoming: Trajections_

Event: Trajections_


Date: 19th August


Venue: Lakota


Genre: Hiphop, Drum and Bass, Jungle


Price: £35 Second Release/ £40 Third Release


Key Artists: Rodney P, Dead Players, Remarc, Nicky Blackmarket

If You Like: Boom Bap festival, home grown British Hiphop, a mix of electronic music.


An interesting treat comes to Bristol’s Lakota this weekend, a wildly ambition and star-studded festival brought to us by Trajections.

The team already choreographs Boom Bap festival in Suffolk which is a highlight in the calendar of hip hop lovers in the U.K.

Using their tried and tested line up format, Trajections seems like it'll be similar to Boom Bap.

Rodney P   Source: BBC News

Rodney P  Source: BBC News

The majority consists of well-established British rappers and plenty of quality up & coming hip hop artists too.

The likes of Rodney P, Casisdead and Dead Players (Jam Baxter, Dabbla, and Ghosttown) will be there to set the bar high.

Alongside come less known artists such as Datkid or Children of Zeus, with plenty of low profile talent to fill up the day.

Trajections doesn’t only offer hip hop to its revellers though.

Several on point dj’s will be appearing as well, such as the incredible jungle producer Remarc and drum and bass icon Nicky Blackmarket.

For the cost, it features over 30 acts - across 2 outdoor stages and four rooms inside.


Source: Eventbrite

Source: Eventbrite

With all this on offer your very unlikely to get bored and considering how well Boom Bap festival has gone down in the past its likely to be a lively one.

All in all, this looks to be a very good start to what I hope becomes a regular event for the city.

Written and Edited by Reece Webster - Underground Editor