Review: Just Jack's All Day Partaay

Review: Just Jack's All Day Partaay

Just Jack's All Day Partaay, Motion, 03.06.17

The now reputable Bristol-based gang, under the name of Just Jack, were set this weekend to deliver yet another heavyweight line up.

Within the past year, the event promoters have invited huge names to the Bristolian fortress that is Motion.

Their Halloween party produced monstrous techno from Berghain's Marcel Dettmann.

A mid-Februrary delight delivered Detroit's very own Robert Hood.

Saturday’s ‘All Day Partaaay’ edition has certainly followed suit.

This time on the agenda was one of the cities very own - Shanti Celeste, followed by the gem that is Motor City Drum Ensemble.

Berlin's boy Objekt, DJ Nobu and DJ Stingray, all took control over in the crane yard with their unique styles.

After seeing Objekt at Warehouse Project in December, his set in Motion's Crane Yard was a must see.

The producer possesses a superhuman level of technical nous, which he displays in all his crisp and sharp sets.

Having just released new music in April, the German maestro certainly is on a high.

Post-production confidence flowed, as evident in the set played out in the backyard of Motion.

He laid out a broad spread of techno, house and breakbeat records, all mixed with sublime precision.

Often leaning heavily on the breakbeat, Objekt's set certainly interweaved between hypnotic and engrossing music.

He incorporated off-kilter broken beats as well as break neck electro.

The party inevitably moved on from strength to strength following Objekt’s incredible 3pm set.

Yet German house pioneer Danilo Plessow, aka Motor City Drum Ensemble, was a perfect way to finish this wonderful day party over in the Container Yard.

He is renowned for taking his audiences on a magical musical journey from soul, disco and house, all the way into jazz.

Technical ability along with a vast and diverse music taste has turned him into a huge star around the globe.

The set that was produced, showcasing his open mind at Just Jack, was memorizing.

The multiplicity of his broad reaching melodies and mixing chops brought the concrete jungle outside of Motion to life.

A personal highlight of the set was when there was a sudden divergence from funk and soul into an acid roller: ‘Deluge’ by Marcel Dettman.


This was a perfect example as to why MCDE has made so many waves; his knowledge for electronic music is explicit.

For anyone who has not yet witnessed a set from Plessow, I encourage you to do so.

It was a truly stunning set.

Written by Ross Hook - Underground Writer

Edited by Reece Webster - Underground Editor

Photography by Here and Now -