Cirque du Soul - The Summer Showdown

Cirque du Soul - The Summer Showdown

Cirque Du Soul has gone from strength to strength since it was founded in early 2013. Running round the countries university circuit several times a year, it has found itself a regular space at Bristol's Motion.

But what is this quirky circus really about? Adam Taylor headed over to the Bristol edition of 'The Summer Showdown' on 31st May to take in the experience.

Cirque Du Soul, admittedly, is not exactly the most ‘underground’ event in Bristol.

Swap your 160bpms and tracksuit-clad ravers for chart house and glitter paint and you’ll get the picture.

It’s easy to go in with a cynical attitude, but for all its generic qualities, Cirque is a damn good introduction for anyone not already acquainted with Motion.

What better way to encourage more people to try out Bristol’s dance scene than holding, what is essentially, a massive party in the city’s most iconic venue?

And that’s what Cirque Du Soul is.

One massive party.

The first thing you notice about Cirque is the production.

It was fantastic.

The grey warehouse walls were splashed with colour and professional dancers wandered through the crowd, most of whom had painted faces.

I’m fairly sure I saw someone with a glitter beard at one point.

The crowd was extremely student heavy, hardly surprising considering the end of exam season.

The residents in the main room started with some chart hits, but the music got progressively heavier and more interesting as the night progressed.

Bakermat’s blend of upbeat house and disco fit the evening perfectly.

The carefree vibes of ‘One Day (Vandaag)’, shaping the soundtrack to what would be for many, the last night out in Bristol before summer.

By 2am, the cave was thick with bassline and DnB.

This provided welcome refuge for some particularly sweaty individuals, who may have slightly misjudged the overall vibe of the evening.


            Cirque may not have everything that you want from Motion.

That doesn’t stop it from selling out and featuring 4 times a year on their events list.

I’m not sure I’d buy tickets again, but I’d certainly recommend it.

If only as a way of getting more people away from Bristol’s triangle and into more adventurous areas of the city’s nightlife.

Written by Adam Taylor - Underground Writer

Edited by Reece Webster - Underground Editor