_Feature: LSTD Review, Part 3

_Feature: LSTD Review, Part 3

In the penultimate part of our 2017 LSTD review, we have a whole team give us the run through on Saturday main act Hunee.

Hunee, Brouhaha Stage, 21:00 – 23:00

Dan Sharp - Ever the enigmatic DJ, Hunee has developed a reputation as an exceptionally talented selector, with uncommonly deep crates, open ears, and nimble fingers.

A rare DJ, willing to venture from disco to house to techno and back again.

And, with the skills to do so convincingly. 

He incorporates individual sounds and rhythms and daring, freewheeling arrangements.

Hunee's vision of techno feels unusually alive, a feeling fully reciprocated by the crowd.

Issy Villiers - Having been entranced by Hunee’s set at Gottwood festival last summer, I was highly anticipating his closing set at LSTD.

The dj first came onto the scene in 2009 and since then has been on a continuous upward spiral, performing everywhere from Amsterdam to Aberdeen.

His set commenced at the close of day and as the sun set behind us we were treated to some delightful disco.

His aim “is always to maintain a certain freedom,” which Hunee undoubtedly secures by openly mixing tracks from multiple genres.

His initial upbeat disco tracks fused seamlessly into techno as the evening commenced.

Hunched over the decks the dj really got into the groove.

He immersed himself in the music, moving his body forward in time with the beat.

An infectious smile, never faltering, only emanating positivity into the audience below.

Part way through he brought everyone up with heavy, hair raising techno then steadily calmed the crowd down with his slower finishing house tracks.

Even though Hunee delivered a flawless set, his performance was, to an extent, negatively affected.

The inadequate sound system at the Brouhana stage was too quiet, the atmosphere narrowly reduced from his set.

Watch Hunee in action at Dekmantel Festival in 2015:

Ross Hook - At the Brouhaha it was an odyssey of the finest obscure disco and funk cuts for a beautiful two hours.

Starting in the sun and finishing in the dark Hunee’s set was truly was a set to cherish.

The vibe was magical and ending on funk and disco was the perfect way to leave Eastville Park.

Everyone was on such a high and it was easy to see why.

Love Saves The Day’s Saturday ensemble provided a beautiful mix of music and along with the weather it truly was a magical day.

3 sections in and the Saturday reviews have been topped off by the hugely entertaining Hunee. Finally this weekend we have a Sunday finale review by femme fatale, Eva Christoff.

Written by

Dan Sharp – Inter:mission President

Ross Hook - Underground Writer

& Issy Villiers - Inter:mission Writer

Edited by Reece Webster - Underground Editor

Photography by Here and Now - www.fb.com/wearehereandnow