_Feature: LSTD review, Part 4

_Feature: LSTD review, Part 4

In the final part of Inter:mission's Love Saves The Day 2017 series, Eva Christoff fills us in on the Sunday in two parts. First, a run through of some key performers of the day. Second, the real story on how the frivolities actually played out.

To begin with, I must say I am not from the UK and do not know musicians other than ones from the electronic genre. Moreover, Love Saves The Day is my first ever festival in the UK. I will share with you my 'nooby' experience - most of the artists I saw this Sunday are a brand new discovery for me. I am getting out of my comfort zone and going on an adventure... Follow me...



My friend opened me up to this incredible band. I did my post - exam homework and now they are on my bucket list.

Originating from Toronto, Ontario this jazzy quartet group includes: Matthew Tavares on keys; Chester Hansen on bass; Alexander Sowinski on drums; and Leland Whitty on saxophone (who joined later in 2016).

Everything started back in 2010 where Tavares, Hansel and Sowinski met through the Humber College jazz program in Toronto. They were highly criticised by their tutor over their freestyle project. However, they recorded a cover of the Odd Future, which went viral and approved by Tyler, the Creator himself. Now they have five albums, numerous emblematic collaborations and touring all over the world, including LSTD.


Badbadnotgood is a jazz and soul group mixing hip-hop 'amens'. A new generation of jazzman bringing back the forgotten soul atmosphere in to hip-hop.


Even if their name does not ring any bells you have heard them many, many times without even knowing. 

The BBNG have done production, sampling and songwriting with people like that bad girl herself Rhiannna in 'Sex With Me', (2016); Wiz Khalifa & Curren$y "Weed Nap" (2015);  Drake "0 to 100" (2014)The Wu-Tang Clan & Kool G Rap "Rivers of Blood", (2012). Most recently, they made some magic in Kendrick Lamar's 'Lust', part of his album 'Damp'.

As if this star studded cast of colabs couldn't get any bigger, BBNG have collaborated with Ghostface Killah for their album Sour Soul, (2015) and Snoop Dogg's controversial song and music video 'Lavender'. BBNG's fifth album, out almost a year ago, 'IV', features guest collaborations such as  Future Islands front man Sam Herring, saxophonist Colin Stetson, Haitian-Canadian musician Kaytranada, American hip-hop artist Mick Jenkins, and Canadian singer-songwriter Charlotte Day.


Kate Tempest


Kate Tempest is of a new generation of poets, bringing stark reality to the stage and a new experience for the public for any music festival.

Born in South - East London, starting as a rapper, this girl has overcome all the stereotypes and made a career as a spoken word artist. 

She brings spoken word poems and instrumentals into a unique symbiosis, which takes you out of the delirium called 'the world' and opens your eyes for 'the reality'.

Her poem Brand New Ancients won both the Ted Hughes Prize for innovation in poetry and a Herald Angel Award. After that, her career blossomed and now she is touring all around the world. Converting her poems into music with a first solo album: 'Big Dada' in 2014; and her new album 'Let Them Eat Chaos'. The latter features songs like 'Europe is lost', which

pushes the boundaries of the mainstream, and with no fear, addressing not only Europe's but humanity's problems.


Friction & Dimension


As a drum and bass head I could not miss out on mentioning any bassers. The whole Arcadia stage is filthy with drum and bass especially with the bang tidy end of DJ Hype b2b Hazard.


The special guests Friction and Dimension, playing one after another, hosted a soul shelter despite the forecast for raining cats and dogs.  

2016-2017 have been the year of breaking the ice and setting new rules within the genre. 


Dimension's 'UK' was the banger of the club season, even seeing attention from people like Skrillex. You can barely attend any electronic set which does not put up this song. 

Always classy, he brings the audience into other 'dimension'.

Shogun Audio representative Friction is a special guest today at the Arcadia stage. As well as being one of the icons of dnb production and sets, this year he won 'Best radio show' Drum and Bass award for Friction Radio One.



So we've now heard the artists who really struck a cord with me this Sunday and you'll know a bit more about these incredible acts. Hopefully that was nice and clear, but here were go with the messiness of the festival itself:

What actually happened...


After giving £4 for a bus, we got off and waited patiently for an hour and a half in the queue, only to get in to the festival and find ourselves in another massive queue for drinks. Luckily some of us had access to the vip zone with no waiting ;).

I kind of felt out of place as I was probably the only girl without glitter. But no sooner had I thought this than I promptly received some against my will. All good festival vibes though.

The Saturday attendees were easily recognisable by their painful red skin colour. After a tour around before it got packed, I found myself on the Dance Off stage as neurofunk beats were striking the air. The Cult takeover was thoroughly enticing people to 'dance off'. Among the people in the boxing ring (and one dancing on hay bales), there was a single guy standing out:


A precisely trimmed moustache, pink socks, Short overalls with rainbow suspenders, He was thoroughly dancing his life off. 


At some point the pink guy put the bird house on.

At some point the pink guy put the bird house on.

Time for the set of Shy FX on the really packed Main Stage. Despite the clock showing only 5pm, people around me were already proceeding to consume serious amounts of white powder. Shy's set was decent but those who stole the show for me were one group of guys:

One with a pink dress and pink glitter all over; one in Dino costume, Barney Rubble; and a guy wearing a bird house on his head... thoroughly fascinating.



The biggest challenge, I must say, was not to break my bank account. An unbelievable smell of burgers, BBQ, chips, as well as the constant munching sounds of the punters. Those sounds and smells were testing my willpower throughout the whole day.


Glitter, men in rainbow Lycra tights, food, fire, and a bit of rain perfectly describe my day.


On to the Cloud9 for My Nu Leng and a dose of dancing in the rain. A pretty good set with a lot of bass. 

Then a sharp turn in styles to the Shambala stage, disco house and even more glitter. In my eyes, despite being small, this stage was packed out the whole time. 

It was almost 8 pm and I transferred myself to Arcadia for Friction. As part of the competition winning UOB basketball team, my basketball skills got me into the centre for dancing to some really good d&b.

Friction absolutely nailed it, bringing the intoxicated ravers back to live.

Somewhere through that time, I headed off for a trip to Kate Tempest on the Main Stage.

Another mind provoking performance and giving bits of her soul to every person in the crowd.

Then back to the Bristol promoter Run's take over for Dimension who played all the variations of his 'UK', ever made. This opened up some time for a break from dancing (not that I didn't like it but after the 10th minute it became a bit annoying).

Having the tough decision of picking which last performance to see I followed my friend to the Paradiso stage for Badbadnotgood.

There were 10 people attending at the very start, till the end of the sound check, when a hundred more people got their way to the performance. A chilly set to bring you retrospection of the good day you've had. For the big fans of the band, however, the performance was way more intense. Charlotte Day Wilson joined the stage and brought the audience into delirium. They became more resonating than the bassy feeling coming from the rest of the festival stages. 


A memorable Sunday, with Plenty of water, bars, toilets, stages, bass and good times. and far less rain than expected -

bravo Love Saves The Day.

'Till the next year, Eva out.

That wraps up our series on this years LSTD. A roller-coaster weekend with a brilliant line up and plenty of good festival vibes.

Now the university exam period is over, the sun is smashing its way through the ozone, and the summer's events are coming in thick and fast.

Look out for Inter:mission's Underground section over the next few months as we broaden our horizons - seeking to bring you the best insights, coverage and information on all things underground.

Written by

Eva Christoff - Underground Deputy Editor

Edited by

Reece Webster - Underground Editor

& Eva Christoff - Underground Deputy Editor

Cover Photography by Here and Now - www.fb.com/wearehereandnow