_Feature: Motion's Outdoor Refurb

_Feature: Motion's Outdoor Refurb

Updated 5th May 2017

Motion is refurbishing its outdoor area’s with a view to holding regular music events out in the British summer sun. Comprising of three areas, they are being named: the Crane Yard; the Container Yard; and the Lock Yard.

It all sounds very new.

But actually they are on familiar ground. While the Lock yard is on normally inaccessible ground, the Crane yard is simply the entrance and smoking area to the Marble Factory nights - a long thin area wedged between the outside of the warehouse and the exterior fence. The Container yard is in fact Motions main entrance and smoking area with the outdoor toilets and seating area.

You will have inevitably been in these sections admiring wide eyes and gurns, bumming a cigarette and catching some fresh air away from the sweat box inside. 

However, on the 29th August, Motion will be opening their first in a series of open air music events incorporating the three yards. They’ve kept the name simplistic and to the point: ‘Yard Open Air Club’. Which is refreshing, when I’m so used to hearing deplorably named nights such as ‘Lit Monday’ or ‘Farfetched Friday’.

Edit: We were promised "respected underground names in house and techno alongside genuinely iconic ones" and this is certainly what we are getting.

The line-up has now been released for this event and includes at its forefront Jeff Mills. Once genuinely billed on line ups in the 80’s and 90’s as ‘The Wizard’, he brings decades of innovative experience in minimal techno. He has even received the accolade 'Officer of France’s Order of Arts and Letters' this week, for contributions to the French music canon. Such big name for the opening of the refurbishment, he’s sure to bring some magic to the event.


Next up is another legend of techno Seth Troxler. Experimental and all-round master of the genre, this will be another set to bring something lively to Motion. On a side note, check out the bio on his web site: http://sethtroxler.com/#seth for a glimpse in to his kooky personality.


The third big name comes in the form of Eats Everything. A personal favourite of mine in the world of house, he brings beautifully rhythmic deep house to large crowds of adoring fans. Influenced by other genre’s such as jungle and drum and bass,

his sets put audiences in to euphoric trances with epic build ups and cool breakdowns.

Check out his tune ‘Dancing (Again!)’ for a modern classic you will have heard before, or try out ‘The Gettup’ for a sample of his bassier forms.


The rest of the bill includes:

Joy Orbison

Daniel Avery


Axel Boman


Octo Octa

Daisy Moon



Em Williams

Music aside, for those revellers who haven’t artificially reduced their appetites, there will be several Bristol based food traders serving locally sourced fodder. Art work will be thrown up around the place by Mr. Price, co-founder of the quirky Studio 89 party brand. And, in what I hope to be the first of many sustainability initiatives at Motion, there will be eco-friendly and reusable cups provided by Kambe.

“We’ve always known how much everyone loves the outside terrace, but Yard will become its complete own entity, giving us an outdoor club space” – Motion promoter Jack Scales

If this peaks your interest, pick up tickets at www.yard-open-air.club

In the meantime there is an all-day Just Jack event coming up on 3rd of June which will be utilising the Crane yard.

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