_Playlist: Revision

Beware yourselves, exams are coming. But you will make it, we are here to help.


A special playlist dedicated to making you start working, help you along studying and release your brain and soul from everything.


If you are reading this you are not working... But we are here to help. Here for you is a diverse playlist, with tunes from all genders and personal favourites. Now let me see you work...

I personally find genres like house/progressive, techno, liquid drum and bass, or something without vocals for really good background music for studying.

Let's start with some of the Mau5tarp goodies and one of my currently top producers, Rezz.

Let the big Carl Cox make you dance while studying that boring unit you didn't even remember signing for. And if you haven't had enough, Solomun will sweat you a little bit. There are so many techno legends that it is impossible to represent all them here but this means you have endless possibilities.

On the other side of the spectrum, both Drum&Bass Arena and UKF recently launched 24/7 YouTube streaming/radio shows so now, unfortunately, we have one less excuse ie. 'there is nothing to listen'...

I personally need something really really hard to scratch my brain from time to time so these are two of my all-time favourites.

At this point, you are probably into another mental breakdown so listen to this while checking sugardaddie.com

Now when you are out of the black room this song is to be your soundtrack, while imagining all the things you will be enjoying WHEN YOU GET YOUR WORK DONE AND TAKE THOSE EXAMS!!


Now... back to misery... back to work...