_Feature: EDM - Every Days Music

_Feature: EDM - Every Days Music

The reason FOR writing this is because right now I Am listening to the Ultra Music Festival Miami live stream.

I must say this will not be for long… 

I used to like EDM. I started listening to electronic music through a streaming of Tomorrowland and I was obsessed with it. I literally cried because I couldn't be there. I was 15 and confused. I'm now 19 and even more confused. I have watched every single live streamed festival from that day onwards. In the beginning, I was a die-hard fan of Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike and used to loose it on every song or singing along Steve Aoki.

But what happened???

People pay $500+ for tickets, for the same line-up and sets over and over again. People who used to call festivals their home stopped to go to them. The kinds of people they were trying to escape from now go in their place, pretending to be the die-hard fans.

The weirdos aren't welcomed any more.

EDM is a meme. The people who listen to it now are ordinary douchebags, who pretend to listen just because they are super drunk in the club. Record-breaking tracks are all the same remixes of famous songs which have been produced in 5 minutes out of “free-loops-jumppacks”.

The live stream has been going for 2 hours now and the main stage is buzzing. It's 5 pm in Miami. In other words it is really, really early for a festival to be crowded.

But for what? People singing along to a “brand new” Justin Bieber remix (thanks, Skrill, I used to love you too)? I might be wrong but some years ago famous songs were played so people could go to the toilet. DJ's had to put some more effort in to stand out.  Yeah, they were still repeating “jump and put your hand up", playing pre-recorded sets but the vibe was different. My first ever show was Hardwell and I had the best time of my life. I used to listen to every single episode of “Smash the House” (DV & LM have a weekly show on YouTube).

The mystique is gone now.

And what to say about P.L.U.R? This is now just a "persona non grata". The worst thing on the planet, gives you cancer etc. Making candies and having totems is forbidden.


Where did the love, peace, unity and respect go?

Perhaps in some back corner of Bassnectar's wild west show?

A community of people supporting each other and “just dancing” has now been replaced with gratuitous Snap Chat story's just to gloat that you are at a festival.

Yes, you might say that this only accounts for the main stage or big room and not for every festival. Indeed this is true. But this is reflecting on everyone who actually loves electronic music. I will tell you: you can see it in that hardcore club event; you can see it in front of the stage of Let it Row; or Defcon 1; or that creepy house party you went last night.

There are some bright sides on those festivals with the... Jees! The track 'Chemicals' just came on the live stream and I finally understood that I am listening to Don Diablo

 There is some light at the end of the club in the form of the techno stages. Even though every hardcore techno fan will tell you they are overrated. Or the trance stages… I love those people! I'm still dying to go to an Above & Beyond show.

 Something has to change. Now! (no, nothing will change if David Guetta quits..) the big room, mainstream house, bass house has fallen victim to mainstream normalisation. Techno has always been the black sheep but it is making a comeback now. Dubstep is in the intensive care unit struggling to breath (once again thanks, Skrillex, I used to have you on my lock screen for a year and a half). Unfortunately, I feel like drum and bass will be the next victim. I really, really hope it will stay on the dark side. I still haven’t recovered from the dubstep betrayal.