DJ Hazard @ Blue Mountain

DJ Hazard @ Blue Mountain

Psyched presents: DJ Hazard at Blue Mountain 22.03.17

‘Bricks Don’t Roll’ is almost guaranteed to be heard playing at three in the morning on most nights in uni halls corridors. Safe to say everyone was suitably hyped when DJ Hazard was announced by the Psyched crew at Blue Mountain. Tickets were being sold on final release for £15. It was expected to sell-out, and although I often don’t rate jump-up, we were all pretty pumped as we walked to the venue.

Surprisingly, there was no queue and the club was unusually empty still at midnight. Dazed events on a Tuesday are generally packed by 11pm. We soon discovered the reason for this. Hazard would not be on until 2am. We spent time wandering around the venue, drinking and dancing to classic dnb and bassline tunes.

As the night went on, more and more north face puffer jackets started appearing alongside with cans of red stripe.

You see a weird mix of people at Blue Mountain. Proper dnb heads at the front dancing by the speakers. Awkward university students who’ve been dragged to Stokes Croft for a more ‘edgy’ evening stand at the back. There was a more collective vibe this evening, however, as everyone prepared themselves for Hazard’s massive set.

It’s always satisfying when a venue packs two different genres into one evening. We occasionally escaped the drum and bass downstairs and listened to some bassline in the second room. Guest student DJ’s played back to back crowd-pleasers by Flava D, My Nu Leng and Holy Goof.

By 1am, the whole venue was completely packed and everyone was losing it to Bristol resident ALXZNDR in the main room.

2 in the morning the venue was sweltering and the crowd was ready for Hazard to play. After a late start, he opened with the obvious crowd-favourite ‘Bricks Don’t Roll’, setting the tone for the rest of his set. The crowd went mad, especially after plays of ‘Mr Happy’ and ‘It’s a Secret’.

Despite my lack of enthusiasm towards repetitive jump-up sets, Hazard absolutely nailed it, with every song packing a punch. It’s clear that he owns the genre. I found myself annoyed, not relieved, when the venue cut him off at 3am. Shout outs go to Psyched for putting on an otherwise brilliant night. Ears ringing and legs aching, we left the boiling venue and headed home.

I have yet to experience a bad night at Blue Mountain. If you’re bored of the usual clubbing experiences up in the triangle, head down to Stokes Croft. You won’t be disappointed.

Adam Taylor

Underground Writer