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_Opinion: Steevio

I:M1 Comment
_Opinion: Steevio

Timedance at The Island 18.03.17

The last Timedance event back in February was a sell out. Hessle Audio's very own Ben UFO was welcomed to the Island for a 5-hour extended set, confirming his increasing success as a selector and mixer.

However, the Bristol based label, which is run by Batu, looked to attract a slightly different genre of music for March. Timedance couldn't have found a producer more suited for a unique night other than Steevio.

The dj brings an alternative sound to the underground scene, highlighting the hugely popular techno scene.

The mythical modular rig in which Steevio calmly goes about his business, helps to achieve his broken beat sounds and hypnotic melodies. The equipment he uses is specific to his own needs, a self-built performance device that creates something so raw and refreshing.

The Island, located on Nelson Street, was the perfect venue for such a talented man. This venue is based on the site where the Central Police Station used to run.

The tight passageways and the presence of abandoned police cells create an atmosphere like no other. The main room possessed a huge sound system so sharp and pure that one could simply become completely immersed within the intricate, interlocking drums patterns, which were reverberated around the intimate space.

A highlight of the beginning of the night was Paris-based producer Simo Cell. He delivered a raw electric set, perfect for this night and certainly setting the tone.

Steevio was able to seamlessly follow on from this. His set provided complex techno in which he mixed alternative polyrhythms to create something special.

It was clear by watching him that he has a deep passion for his craft, a craft like no other.

The lack of known techno tracks was refreshing, as no one knew where the set was going, perhaps even at times Steevio didn't. The sounds were that pure.

The only lighting was singular red light in the corner of the main room by the producers. This summed up the night for me.

Simple, yet effective.  No nonsense. A grounded, talented man doing what he loves most. Spectacular. 

Ross Hook

Underground Writer