_Opinion: Noisia

_Opinion: Noisia

NOISIA at Motion 18.3.17

Noisia need no introduction. From their leaked 2016 ‘Outer Edges’ concept to face-melting 2010’s album ‘Split the Atom’, the Dutch trio have been pushing the limits of electronic music since their formation.

Queue my immediate excitement following the announcement of a special ‘Outer Edges’ show at Motion. I was aware of the intensity of the trio’s live performances, and was suitably excited as I arrived at the venue.

The Blast certainly know how to put on a good night. The resident DJs started the evening off with some bassline and jungle in Room 2, whilst dark, low-tone drum and bass set the atmosphere in the main room for the rest of the night.

The venue filled up to capacity at around midnight, just as Critical Soundsystem DJ’s Kasra, Sam Binga and HYROGLIFICS took the stage. I have to say I was surprised at how well Critical Soundsystem worked the crowd. Their set covered everything from liquid to grime, with world music samples akin to Chasing Shadows’ UKF feature: ‘Amirah’. Sweat was already pouring from the roof by 2am.


It was an absolute travesty that Noisia’s set lasted for only an hour. The crowd were lost from the word go, with all-time favourite ‘Tommy’s Theme’ blasting out across the warehouse.

No track disappointed.

‘Tentacles’ forced the biggest mosh pit of the night, with my favourite Noisia track ‘Collider’ coming in at a close second. The intensity I had been warned about was beyond insane, and every single person in the warehouse who was dancing like a nutter.

Camo and Krooked’s 2017 remix of ‘The Entangled’ was perfectly placed in the set. Playback of that absolute tune through anything less than a 10-foot sound system will never do the track justice. A final remix of ‘Smack My Bitch Up’ by the Prodigy almost knocked a few people to the ground.

The hour felt like 10 minutes, but secured its place as one of the best sets I’ve seen in Bristol. Topping Noisia would be near impossible.

Memtrix’s final hour was unbelievable, and had Noisia not been there, I would have said that it was the best of the night. Shouts of “Who the f*** is this?!” echoed out across the floor as ‘All you are’ and ‘Ethereal’ kept the massive pace up until 5am.

All in all, a spectacular evening. I cannot wait to see what Noisia come up with next…

Adam Taylor

Underground Writer