_Event: Noisia 'Outer Edges'



Date: 18th of March 22:00 – 5:00

Night: Noisia 'Outer Edges'

Venue: Motion Bristol

Genre: Drum & Bass

Price: Final Release £22.50

Artist: Noisia, Kasra, Sam Binga, Hyroglifics, Xtrah b2b Maztek, Memtrix Nervous Horizons


If you still don’t know, Noisia’s brand new show 'Outer Edges' is landing in Motion Bristol This Saturday night. Even better, they are coming with some friend.

I do not really know what to say, I think the word NOISIA is enough self – explaining. No showcase is needed.

THREE gods, TWO labels, ONE radio show, are you ready?

In 2016 they released the masterpiece giving the name of the visual show - 'Outer Edges'.

This pretty much summarises the experience…

You can either warm up listening to their album on replay, listen to some of their older jaw-dropping work or not listen to anything at all until the landing of the mothership. No exceptions!

If you prefer the first two options we can make a meal deal…

For me, on replay since the launching of the album are ‘Anomaly’ and ‘Mantra’. For quite some time whenever someone asks me to describe myself I told them to listen to ‘Mantra’  because this song expresses everything I feel or is happening inside my head. Unfortunately, afterwards, those people are even more confused who I am and never speak to me again.


Another legend says this might be their first or second ever realised tune back in 2003.

Have you ever wondered how Noisia started – some rare and inspiring footages are coming. I promise this will change your life!

Special support flying in from Critical label boss Kasra accompanied by Hyroglifics and Sam Binga. Again, if you haven’t heard this one too Critical Recordings are celebrating 15 years.

"Kasra is a gatekeeper to what is under the surface in drum & bass. He does what he does with passion and care. He is a kindred spirit” – Goldie, Metalheadz

Hyroglifics released the beast back in September with his brand new ‘All Talk EP’

And last but not the least, how can we have a party without Uncle Sam? Together with Om Unite cooked a still HOT, HOT EP just last week… deliciose

 Make sure to remember that doors open at 22:00 because you will want to be there from the very begging for Memtrix and Xtrah b2b Maztek. They are just coming up under the spotlights. You’d better catch them now at once because next year you will have to pay 40 quits each, believe me…


If, for some reason you want to drastically change the game the Nervous Horizons crew – TSVI, Wallwork, Lokane and Nico Lindsay will do it for you. The weird mixture of Techno beats and grime flows, why not?

Eva Christoff