_Opinion: DJ Boring

_Opinion: DJ Boring

Simulate Presents: DJ Boring at Basement 45

Boring?! Yes, DJ Boring…

Friday night at Basement 45 was Simulates first event, drawing in one of the best lofi house DJ's around. The event was a sell-out. Simulate, on their debut night, had managed to sell 300 tickets to pack out Basement. Which is a relatively low-key venue, for people who know.

Let me tell you a little bit about Boring himself - he's not as boring as he may seem.

He made it into Phonica Records top 100 singles of the year with his single 'Winona' (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ar9qA3WJInk) which has been viewed over 1 million times. His productions of the hazy rhythms of lo-fi house have put him on par with the likes of fellow Australian, Mall Grab, as well as DJ Seinfeld and Ross From Friends.

Listening to Boring's track Winona may have you thinking, 'This night will chill me the f*ck out...'. This was not the case.

Simulate friends & family warmed the proceedings with the likes of Jacob Buckle and Leonardo Morgan, providing some friendly tech-house for everyone to get involved. Standard procedure.

The main man himself then made his entrance, starting his 3-hour extended set.

The set varied considerably. The classics were blaring out from the start; with the likes of Donna Summer 'I Feel Love' and 'Free (Mood II Swing Vocal Mix)'. These tracks had set a tone. The feel-good house vibe was alive.  

I thought we would have received something a little different from our lo-fi house producer.

This came later on in his set. 

Once 'Final Credits - Midland' was brandished, then came the interesting stuff. Heavier beats were laid down, to everyone’s delight, providing the fist-pumping energy, which the people needed. The mixture of classic dance floor beats along with a lil' bit of techno made for an enjoyable night. With the perfect vibe.

Everyone was on a good vibe.

The Aussie bloke 'Boring' was on a good vibe. Even the bouncers were on a good vibe.

Keep an eye on Simulate, as big bookings are to come. As for Boring... He had certainly provided the goods for this night.

With love.

Ross Hook

Underground Contributor