_Opinion: Blackout

_Opinion: Blackout

Blackout at the Trinity Centre

Saturday 4th February saw drum and bass record label Blackout bring a small showcase to the Trinity Centre

The venue itself is a delightful looking church a little way South East of Cabot Circus. Upon entry I moved in to a great big hall with the stage at one end.

(c) Trinity Centre

(c) Trinity Centre


The stage did make me laugh.

Or at least the white cardboard boxes that had been erected in to a hollow square around the dj to form a DIY booth.

It was very DIY but I have to say once the various projections lit it up it certainly served its purpose.

.I most liked the fact some bright spark displayed each DJ’s name whilst they were playing so it was clear who to attribute the mixes too.

The record label running the night - Blackout Music, is a label run by the classic drum and bass trio Black Sun Empire. You’ve got to rate their small but powerful ensemble of signed artists, amongst them Mefjus, The Upbeats and Audio – all big hitters of the drum and bass world.

The labels virtue is for the darker and deeper side of the genre with strong impetus on techstep and neurofunk.

It is interesting to note that actually the only disappointment of the night was the headliner and record label owners Black Sun Empire. As far as I could see, out of the three producers who make up the collective there was only one present on stage mixing.


The music was certainly to my taste but sitting in amongst the other heavy dj’s of the night it felt more like a warm up set than the main act.

Perhaps this was because of the immense power given over to the actual warm up set.

The dj Stitch led the first two hours of the night with some ridiculous rollers, plenty of new music and a streamlined well planned mix. Currently based in Bristol the dj was obviously comfortable giving the local fans a taste of what he could bring to the table.

Optical played after, then came the artist I’d most been looking forward to who certainly did not disappoint – Phace. He is a household name in the genre and known for linking up with big producers such as Noisia and Misanthrop.

Heavy neurofunk played out hard during this set, the hall was filled to the brim the whole time and everyone ended up skanking particularly hard.

The vibe peaked here with both new and old tunes getting the church seriously vibing. Black Sun Empire played next and then we were treated to a final hardcore set from Pythius bringing out the last of everyone’s energy on the night straight on to the dance floor.


Despite Black Sun Empire being a bit hit and miss the rest of the dj’s held their own and allowed the night to go down in everyone’s books as a great party.

(If your looking for another dnb night soon look out for Intrigue Music’s 14th Birthday Party at Thekla on the 17th, more rollers guaranteed.)


Reece Webster

(Underground Columnist)