_LSTD: Arcadia Stage

_LSTD: Arcadia Stage

LSTD Arcadia line-up

Love Saves the Day have finally brought out the line-up for this year’s Arcadia Afterburner stage.

If you’re not aware, Arcadia is at the forefront in U.K. staging experience. It combines an industrial construction theme with fire performance, acrobats and dj’s.

Coming to Love Saves The Day is their Afterburner stage, a central spire within which sits the dj booth, whilst lower levels allow for performers and dancers to show off their skills to the audience. With 360 degree access the audience will but surrounded by speakers and all with have of view of the fire spouting from the top.

Saturday line-up will be a rundown of blissed out deep techno with Ricardo Villalobos, Craig Richards, SAORSIE and a Bristol pairing in Peverlist & Hodge.

This will be a techno stomping paradise with lots of minimal to keep the stage in a trance throughout the day.

Sunday will revert to the urban side of things much like the other stages.

We’ll be blessed with some of the best dj’s of the drum and bass and jungle world. None other than DJ Hype and Hazard sit at the top of the list with a back to back set guaranteed to be one of the highlights of the whole festival. Alongside will be special guest Friction, Dimension, D*Minds and Shokka. To give us that added jungle flavour Randall will also throw down a back to back with 4Hero highlighting the power of Reinforced records.


With this announcement, alongside the line-up covering the rest of the festival, this year’s Love Saves the Day is looking to be a huge event just as the summer starts to heat up.


Reece Webster

(Underground Columnist)