_Event: Hospitality

Hospitality Bristol

DATE: SATURDAY 4TH MARCH (22.00 - 06.00)



GENRE: Drum & Bass

PRICE: £20.70 second release, £22.70 third release

ARTIST: Camo & Krooked, Fred V & GRAFIX, LSB,
Frederic Robinson, BENNY BEN, Kenny Ken, (and many more…)



… and check into the hospital. Now that the obligatory pun is out of the way, let’s look at what Hospital Records have on offer this weekend.

Fred V & GRAFIX, the guys that made the fitting version of ‘Constellations’ for Forza Horizon 3, are headlining alongside Camo & Krooked. Known to go full on during live performances the double duo will bring the fire come Saturday.

You’ll want to stay the full eight hours at Motion for this.

Ownglow, bringing his youthful energy to the night will be on main stage, which he’s been doing since age 17.

His calming chillstep and crisp drumbeats are much anticipated to enrich Bristol’s drum and bass culture.

LSB is coming to Bristol. Yes, for real.

His subtly produced liquid sound is what motivates me to push through an extra hour in the library on a Sunday evening. One of my favourite tunes is ‘The Optimist’ from his latest album ‘Content’.

Hugh Hardie, Fredric Robinson and Keeno all featuring in one room in one night.

This is exactly why I love these types of events.

Hugh Hardie, liquid legend, was fantastic at the last Hospitality event in Motion, so there’s absolutely no doubt in my mind that his set will match the previous one and even surpass it.

If you’re into more bassy liquid check his music out because you’re gonna want to be at the front of his set when it kicks off.

Frederic Robinson b2b Keeno are the main reasons (among many other) I’ll be down at Motion on Saturday.

I need my fix of Chill & Bass (CnB) to transcend the confines of physical reality.

Kidding, though they are true boundary pushers when it comes to experimenting with music and know how to engage crowds of all sizes. If you need me at circa 3am Sunday morning, I’ll be at the front of room 2 trying to high five them both.


Whilst med school turns 11 this year, Hospital Records reaches the age of 21.

Give a listen to the new album, ‘Hospital: We Are 21’ to get an intense introduction to the wide range of talent that’s signed to the label.

Get your tickets before they sell out!

(Side note: invest in ear protection, as I know I want to be listening to Hospital’s latest collection in my old age, but only if my hearing is intact.)

Darius Ghadiali

(Underground Columnist)