_Venue: Blue Mountain Club

_Venue: Blue Mountain Club

Blue Mountain Club

LOCATION: 2 Stokes Croft (BS1 3PR)


Have you ever wanted to be on the guest list?

Or to be on underground rave for £1 and cheap drinks?


Located on one of the hippiest neighborhoods in the UK, Blue Mountain is one of the places to experience Bristol’s underground nightlife.

Mainly hosting Drum and Bass, Dubstep and Grime events. 

Its location and simplicity make the venue the perfect host for those genres.

The outside is covered all over with graffiti, the inside of the club is split into two rooms – the largest on the ground floor, creating a massive 'L' shape with a bar in front of the entrance.

A smaller one on the first floor with a second bar and a highway leading to a roof terrace.

I can imagine all the stoned and wired conversations that happened on that terrace.

From the local talents showcased during the weekly Dazed, to the host of some massive events such as Subsist Presents: 10 Years Of Chestplate on 31st of March.

Digging deep into some reviews, the club seems to be there forever, but since 2009 people have started to express more positive attention.


Eva Christoff

(Underground Columnist)