_A Stomper's Guide: Episode 06

_A Stomper's Guide: Episode 06

RUN at Motion

The banter had started even before we got through the gate, as a bouncer overheard that the guy in front of me was called TJ.


‘TJ eh?’ in a somewhat sarcastic manner, I held fast for a witty follow up. Alas, TJ turned round sharpish and snapped, ‘yeah, what of it?’ Interestingly the bouncer actually linked the lads name to an 80’s crime drama named T.J. Hooker, which neither of us had any clues about.

I just had the character from Recess stuck in my head. Then, as we moved to the ticket booth, TJ turned to me and said he didn’t have enough for a ticket (understandably at £30 on the door). ‘Lemme borrow a tenner. You can hold my wallet whilst I go get cash out’. As you’d expect I said no, confused about how he’d even get cash out of a cash point if I had his wallet, as well as wondering where he’d even find the money if Motion didn’t have a cash point.

His mate headed in without him and once I’d got in he was left outside like a lemon.


Then the partying began.

              With an interesting range of drum and bass being played out, the Eatbrain label stage was housed in the tunnel. Its general dark and dinginess was joyfully offset by the hanging of a disco ball and bunting across the ceiling.

Throughout the night it remained less packed than the two other main stages which meant whenever I went there I had plenty of room to dance. Refreshing at a sell-out event.

Mob Tactics played early and put up a great set of neurofunk tunes for about half hour.
All of a sudden he switched from deep technical drum and bass to ‘Bricks don’t roll’ by DJ Hazard and I couldn’t have left the room quicker.

Call me a snob but it’s not neurofunk and it’s certainly not Eatbrain style.


          Moving through the main room I caught a few dj’s such as Stokka, D*Minds and Dimension with a mixture of calm up beat rollers and quicker remix-heavy sections that kept the packed pit dancing together nicely. The lasers were looking pretty sweet as they ran across the crowd, my view from the balcony giving me all the colours and music without being stuck in the sweat box below.



This fresh feeling did not last for too long though.


Heading in to watch Danny Byrd play on the Marble Factory stage put me straight in to a room with more people in it than square feet. The only way in was by gently barging in between soaked t-shirts and chomping jaws. I’m not even sure I found an adequate space to dance but it was fairly central which suited me fine.

The set went off and with high tempo technical mixing.

The energetic crowd effortlessly managed to keep up their vibe despite the lack of room. At least the ceilings are high we could all put our trigger fingers up high.


              All in all the night went down as a hit, with high quality dj’s playing a whole range of drum and bass to fit all tastes on several different stages.

Run has put together another great show and for their efforts are taking a little while off. Just keep in mind the next time you see them post an event up, it’ll be one not to miss.

Reece Webster

(Underground Columnist)