Review: 25 Years of RAM

Review: 25 Years of RAM

Last Friday night was RAM records twenty-fifth birthday hosted in Motion.

My expectations for the night were for it to be pretty mainstream and I was right. However, the boss that is Andy C put a good show despite that.

After a good one hour walk to get to Motion I had already warmed up.

Surprisingly, I got only a few comments toward my leg brace, pointing out my injury. As I caught up with the second half of Rene LaVice’s set most of the club was still queueing, but they did not miss a lot.

Rene LaVice

Rene LaVice

As the new BBC Radio One DNB show host, he had a precisely selected playlist, with no song under top 50 of any chart.

However, when it comes to DJ-ing he perhaps needs a lesson or two.

The smooth transitions were only while he had his hands up, jumping or pointing to the crowd, in other words playing pre-recorded set.

The three times he tried to beat match by himself were so bad that even the half-dead pill kids gave a look of disgust.

One o'clock and it was time for Andy C.

Andy C

Andy C

Everyone got hyped just by hearing his name and the crowd dynamics changed within a second.


A lot of old wolves could have been seen along the balcony.


All with their friends, occasionally chatting about some of the songs and enjoying themselves.


The main stage pit was a scene of the sweaty ket dancers who mostly had no idea what was played, only responding to the MC’s shout-outs.


The first hour of Andy’s set was filled with classics such as ‘Mr Happy’, ‘Tarantula’, ‘Dead Limits’, ‘Original Nuttah’ and so one.


Despite blasting such overplayed songs, he still made it feel original, proving how amazing head honcho really is.


The second hour was more to my taste with harder baselines and new releases. With the end of his set, all the old school ravers left.




Next on the list was Wilkinson for which I was not really looking forward.

The crowd energy changed one again and the party continued.

pit ram motio n.jpg

I am sure a lot of people really enjoyed Wilkinson’s set.


Unfortunately, my poor physical appearance did not allow me to leave the balcony’s rail to check room 2 or stay for Killbox, who had the 4 to 5 slot.


This would have been much more to my likings. 


But hey, if we are lucky enough they will come back.


I’ll be there to tell you how it went.

Written by Eva Christoff - Underground Writer

Photography by Alistair Brookes - Entirety Labs