Review: Triple Cooked Disco of the Dead

Review: Triple Cooked Disco of the Dead

Triple Cooked had promised big things for Halloween.


Many students consider Bristol’s Old Crown Courts a favourite venue, and things clearly haven’t changed.


Swathes of people in fancy-dress had descended on the prison cells and most had made a fantastic effort with their costumes.


I spotted Ali G casually chatting up a witch as I walked through the gates.


This was definitely going to be a weird one.


The crumbling walls of the old courtrooms fit the spooky vibe of the night perfectly.


Walking between rooms, décor ranged from giant skull ornaments to post-apocalyptic radioactive aliens in tanks.


This, coupled with some classic house and disco with horror-film samples, made for a truly unique experience.


You didn’t even need the music, it was brilliant walking around trying to figure out who was who under all the face paint and neon lights.


I have to say I was sceptical about the new layout.

The fire station is a laserquest venue by day, and I wasn’t sure if it was going to match the abandoned feel that the Old Crown Courts is famous for.



We didn’t end up spending a lot of time there for this reason.


Although the futuristic decorations were great, it felt a bit like we were dancing in a school sports hall.


Triple Cooked had sold more tickets due to the increased size, but I found that people generally preferred the old venue.


This meant that there were ridiculous room-to-room queues in a space that was now over-capacity.


Fortunately, this only lasted for an hour or so.


Once the non-committed had squeezed out of the prison cells at 2am, the DJ’s started to have some fun with the remaining painted ravers.


Drum and Bass dominated the playlist until the very end of the night.


At an event like this you’re not expecting wonders from a set, it’s more about dressing up and having a good time.


An on-the-fly remix of TC’s ‘Where’s My Money’ graced the room at one point, which was fantastic.


I had to take a moment to laugh at the situation.


I was drinking rum dressed as a ghost.

I was surrounded by mates sporting ridiculously gory wounds and listening to 2010 dubstep/dnb mashups in an abandoned cellblock. 

I genuinely couldn’t have had a better time.


Triple Cooked nights are all about losing yourself in the venue.

It’s always a ridiculously immersive experience and it was even more so this Halloween.

Even with the packed rooms, I’d happily buy a ticket again just to witness the sheer volume of creativity involved with both the venue set-up and the crowd’s fancy dress.

Here’s hoping they continue to impress.

Written by Adam Taylor - Underground Writer

Photography by Khris Cowley for Here & Now