Upcoming: Alfresco Disco Presents: Modular

Upcoming: Alfresco Disco Presents: Modular

Event: Alfresco Disco Presents: Modular


Date: Saturday 18th November, 20:00 – 03:00


Venue: Secret Location – TBA on the day of the event!


Genre: House, Techno


Price: Event: £27.50 (inc. Booking Fee), Bus to event: £5.60 (inc. Booking Fee)


Key Artists: Lineup TBA

If You Like: Secret Parties, Great Décor, Interesting Party Locations


“Our objective is simple, to unearth extraordinary locations and use them for unforgettable music and art events.” - Alfresco Disco



Alfresco Disco offers something entirely different from any other night out you’ll have had in Bristol.


Since its inception in 2005, Alfresco Disco has gone from strength to strength; with each party, they throw being more ambitious and exciting than the last.


While clubs such as Motion and Lakota sell tickets on the strength of the line-ups they put out, Alfresco Disco stay true to the ideals of hidden raves, relying solely on its reputation as one of Bristol’s most innovative and enjoyable parties.


The scenic view from Alfresco Disco's 'Rave of the Decade Part 2'    Source

The scenic view from Alfresco Disco's 'Rave of the Decade Part 2' 


Their events are shrouded in mystery, but they have told us what we can expect from them next weekend; “stunning light boxes, bewildering synthesisers and astounding visuals across multiple spaces”.


In return, they ask we dress up - 

“Come as part of something (with friends) – Tetris, Tribes, Russion Dolls, Kraftwerk etc.”.


Other than that, all we know about the event before it starts is when it is, and where to get on the bus.

The location and line-up are left a secret – we’ll find out when we get there!


Don’t take their refusal to release the lineups before the event as a sign they don’t book great artists, though.

Previous guest DJs have included Eats Everything, Doc Daneeka and Romare.

Whoever it is they have booked for this party, be assured that they will be of the highest quality.


To get a feel of what kind of stuff they’ll be playing at the event, check out some of their residents’ mixes in this playlist:

This is an event that truly excites me in a way other nights out in Bristol can’t.


There is something thrilling about the idea of getting on a bus, being taken to an unknown location and immersing yourself in a clubbing experience quite unlike any other.


There are still tickets left, so be quick!

You can go to the (admittedly excellent) nightclubs in Bristol any week, but an Alfresco Disco party is a rare and unique event that you should not miss out on.

Written by Jamie Mitchell - Underground Writer

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