Upcoming: Prophecy Presents - Joe Ford & Memtrix

Upcoming: Prophecy Presents - Joe Ford & Memtrix

Event: Prophecy Presents - Joe Ford & Memtrix


Date: October 5th, 2017


Venue: Blue Mountain


Price: £1 OTD w/ Facebook tag / £3 through Headfirst / £5 OTD before midnight / £8 OTD after midnight



Key Artists: Joe Ford / Memtrix / Exposure / Texas MC

If you like: Noisia / Friction / Icicle / Was A Be / Hospitality Bristol

Once you’ve read past a complicated but thoroughly sensible pricing structure (other event hosts, ought to take note), a truly all-star lineup reveals itself.

Very impressive considering it’s only Prophecy’s second time hosting in Bristol.

Rapid progress indeed; after making their debut at Part 2 of Lakota’s Summer Free Party on September 22nd, they’re back in under a month with a gargantuan quad act.

We hope to see this organisational prolificness continue.

If so, Prophecy could develop into a great alternative to bigger, sometimes overcrowded events with oversaturated line-ups, that clash internally (we’re looking at you, RAM).

Prophecy seems to occupy a unique position between these well-established, relatively mainstream nights, and more underground propositions like Collective or Head Space.

It will certainly be worth keeping an eye on their page to see what arrangements transpire, as we journey deeper into autumn.

One of my most memorable drum and bass experiences involved Texas spitting over Camo & Krooked’s set at Hospitality in Motion way back in March 2014.

Since then, he has definitely cemented his place as one of Bristol’s best MCs.

His fast, often melodic bars will be a great compliment to hard treble juxtaposed with crashing percussion pumped out by some neurofunk legends.

Joe Ford’s ever rising popularity is explained by his awesome output and huge stylistic variation.

A quick look at his SoundCloud page shows myriad influences from across the electronic music spectrum - and these have clearly influenced his colourful production.

It’s likely we’ll see a set more along the lines of his bombastic EATBRAIN podcast though, which will blend into Memtrix’s hyperactive, laser focused neuro-jungle rhythms.

There aren’t any details of set times thus far, but expect Exposure (manager of Bristol label A R Records) to open with some classic weight before the neuro begins.

Tune into his smooth mix on Kemet FM earlier in the year to get an idea of what you’re in for.

Hope to catch you there before our collective heads are blown off by Blue Mountain’s dizzyingly good visuals and Prophecy’s stacked decks!

Written by Tristan Davis - Underground Writer

Edited by Reece Webster - Underground Editor