Upcoming: Triple Cooked: Disco of the Dead

Upcoming: Triple Cooked: Disco of the Dead

·       Event: Triple Cooked: Disco of the Dead


·       Date: 31/10/2017


·       Venue: Old Crown Courts + Bridewell Complex


·       Genre: House, Disco, Drum and Bass and everything in between.


·       Price: £22.00 final release


·       Key Artists: Special Guests to be Announced

·       If You Like: Cirque, Regression Sessions, unique event spaces and serious dressing up.


If you’re anything like me, often catching yourself day-dreaming of abandoned-prison-cell-raves mid-lecture, you’re going to want to get tickets for ‘Disco of the Dead’.

Triple Cooked returns to Bristol on Halloween for their biggest event yet.

Source: Dub Pistols Music

Source: Dub Pistols Music


Previous Triple Cooked events held at the Old Crown Courts have been exciting enough as it is.


The crumbling courtrooms, trip-inducing décor and quality DJs create an incredibly immersive experience.


This time, Triple Cooked have gone all out.


They’ve expanded to the Bridewell Complex, adding an outdoor yard and an old fire-station to the mix.


The station is set to be the main area for the show, promising ‘frightening production’ and an ‘insane light show’.


The yard area is dedicated to live music and chill vibes at the centre of the venue.



On the music side of things, previous events have often focused around house and disco, showcasing both big-name surprise guests and local talents.

The prison cells tend to gravitate more towards drum and bass and bassline.

There is honestly nothing like raving in an old prison; it’s an essential experience that everyone should have on their bucket list.

The special guests are yet to be announced so keep your eyes peeled closer to the event.

One final thing to mention. Triple Cooked are big on décor. The more you dress up, the better night you’ll have, and on Halloween there are really no excuses.

Written by Adam Taylor - Underground Writer