Upcoming: Hospitality

Upcoming: Hospitality

Event: Hospitality


Date: 14th October 2017


Venue: Motion


Genre: Drum and bass


Price: Sold Out (Keep your eyes peeled on facebook)


Key Artists: High Contrast, Fred V and Grafix, Krakota, The Prototypes

If You Like: Run, Headspace, Liquid drum and bass, Cyantific


Hot on the heels of events in Leamington Spa and Manchester on Friday, this Saturday Hospital Record's mainstay artists reconvene, travelling southwest to our favourite skanking charnel house: Motion.

Hospitality are taking advantage of Motion’s gargantuan capacity and hosting a huge all-star cast of virtuoso producers.

You’d expect nothing less from what is one of the most well-respected UK drum and bass night, their stamina is impressive.

With such a long list of names it can be hard to see everyone worthwhile, so we suggest taking front-row for Krakota’s set.

Having released one of the strongest LPs of this year with Strange System, we are expecting some of these precision-crafted, progressive masterpieces to get full-length plays. Perhaps even a reload or two thanks to the arrangement of energetic MCs which include Dynamite MC and Texas.

Equally, don’t miss relative newcomer Whiney’s closing mix in the Med School takeover of Room 2.

With another unbelievable album release from Whiney on Hospital’s sister label, it’s clear these brands are going from strength to strength by fortifying each other.


Get ready for some rowdiness when Flashlight is inevitably played, as it has been tearing up both mainstream and underground events in Bristol.

It’s easy to criticise Motion for being packed to the rafters and its drippy atmosphere.

But when people begin filtering out after about one in the morning and the real listeners are still going strong, it can be one of the best clubs in the world.

Hospitality is an event that brings out the best in this rave warehouse and Bristol’s denizens.

You’re guaranteed to be greeted by friendly faces and excited conversation during all stages of the night.

Though ticket prices are steep, you’re paying for incredibly high production value and an addictive experience.

It goes to show why Hospitality has had its second home in Bristol for what’s now approaching eleven years.

Saturday will absolutely be worth the trek along the misty cobbled streets by Motion - see you there!

Written by Tristan Davis - Underground Writer