Review: In:Motion: The Blast x TQD x Critical Sound x Swing Ting

Review: In:Motion: The Blast x TQD x Critical Sound x Swing Ting

After a spectacular opening weekend, the level of hype surrounding In:Motion’s third event in the series was almost tangible.

Last Friday saw the return of bassline super group TQD (Royal T, DJ Q and Flava D) to the warehouse.

Each member would be playing separate sets over the course of the evening, warming up for a massive B2B finale at three in the morning.

The rest of the line-up boasted an array of spectacular DJ’s and genres, covering everything from grime to half-time drum and bass.

Source: Boomtown Fair

Source: Boomtown Fair

Elijah and Skilliam kicked the night off with an electrifying performance in the main room.

Energetic lines and floor-shaking beats had everyone buzzing by midnight.

It was nice to take a moment to look around the venue and admire the new setup; bigger bars, easier exits and an insane new light system show that Motion really knows what they’re doing this year.

The crowd size was perfect.

Soon enough, it was time for DJ Q to work his magic on the decks.

DJ Q's aura of confidence on stage is unmatchable; he just knows exactly what to play, injecting the crowd with a tribal level of energy at every opportunity.

A play of Flava D’s collaboration ‘PS’ and bassline hard hitter ‘I See’ almost ended the evening early for a few people.

Next came a smoother set from Flava D herself, who has excelled every time I’ve seen her play.


‘Soul Shake’, her 2016 collaboration with My Nu Leng, wrecked the crowd, who were now pretty much up for anything.


I’m not sure whether Royal T played a less appealing set than his openers, or if he just wasn’t on form, but I just wasn’t feeling this section of the night.



It was time to check out Critical Sound’s phenomenal line-up in Room 2.

Kasra’s label, set up in 2002, has been near the forefront of the drum and bass scene for years now.

Boasting an impressive array of artists, Critical had put together an inspiring listing for this event.

Although Enei had pulled out earlier in the week, I was still excited to see what the vibe in Room 2 was like.

I joined about halfway through the night for one of the best sets I’ve ever seen in Bristol.

With his otherworldly synth, and perfectly executed bpm changes, Dub Phizix can take you to places you didn’t even know existed.

I saw him destroy Boomtown earlier this year, but this set was just something else.

Kasra followed suit, filling the room with a futuristic intensity I’d only experienced from the new Bladerunner film.

Unfortunate, though inevitable, the set times were an annoyance, with some big genre clashes between rooms.

At 3:30am, I headed over for TQD’s headline slot.

Source: In:Motion Bristol

Source: In:Motion Bristol

When you put three of bassline’s top DJ’s on stage together, you’re guaranteed a brilliant evening.


TQD produce great music, but their vibe on stage honestly makes the set.


Watching Flava D jump around, skanking with Royal T whilst DJ Q lays down ‘Ghosts’ makes you feel like part of the super-group.


As the set ended, Motion’s managers came out for a photo with the DJs on stage, emphasising the communal side of dance music that I love so much.

A serious display from everyone involved.

If you’ve never been to an in:Motion event before, please buy tickets this year.

It really is quite something.

Written by Adam Taylor - Underground Writer