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_A Stomper's Guide: Episode 05

Underground, Reece's BlogI:M
_A Stomper's Guide: Episode 05

I spent the day Saturday in Exeter university campus for their Snowsports club venture in to throwing a freestyle event for neighbouring uni’s.

It was a simple plan.

Cart 3 lorries full of snow from Milton Keynes to Forum Hill in Exeter, dump it on the hill and chuck down some boxes and.Then invite several local snowsports teams, University of Bristol and University of West Anglia, to bring along their freestyle teams to compete against each other.

They had brought in a few sponsors from the local area and also managed to get a red bull event car to play out some music across the ‘slope’. A big crowd gathered, supposedly around 500 or so had actually bought tickets for the event and no doubt more came since it wasn’t particularly well guarded (for the record I did pay). I helped support the UoB team and since the club is one of the best, if not the best, in the country we managed to get pole position in 3 out of 4 events. The skiing was a particularly powerful performance with first place in both the men’s and women’s.

            However, since the music played out on the Red Bull stage was appallingly bland I made my way back to Bristol that evening and headed to a friend’s leaving party.

To her credit, her party did not disappoint.

Hiring out a fairly new bar in the form of The Doghouse as well as putting together a crew of top quality underground talent was a recipe for success.

The venue itself is underground in a stone brick cellar which allows the music to play out with beautiful acoustics to keep the vibe high. Dj’s playing included Shoshoshbegosh as well as Monroller and Mantek doing their typical back to back set. The drinks flowed, the music pumped out, the venue and its staff helped keep the atmosphere going without too much aggravation.

Look out for events here in the future.

And take a listen to Mantek on soundcloud. His St. Pauls Carnival mix will get your feet stomping.

Reece Webster

(Underground Columnist)