_A Stomper's Guide: Episode 04

_A Stomper's Guide: Episode 04

 Node 0X00A EP

This weekend included 19 minutes of new and very pleasurable listening as the Node 0X00A EP dropped finally last week.

For those in to their neurofunk dnb this is Christmas dinner all in one.

4 tracks compiled by the collective Terminal, a tour de force made up of Methlab, Eatbrain and Bad Taste records. Between them they hold the market and expertise for the neuro sub genre, only letting records on to the Terminal label if there is unanimous consensus between all parties.

This EP doesn’t disappoint, each song giving us something different whilst still keeping to the same heavenly beat.

  • Wildcat’ by Disprove and Tobax is probably what Megatron would sound like if someone hooked him up to a synthesiser, the break down is hard hitting and noisy.

  • Malux’s number ‘Clone’ brings the tempo down a little with an easing build up and atmospheric drop. This one will get the headphones-on public transport crew caught bobbing to and fro to its catchy ringing hats.

  • Next up the big guns come in, first in the form of Current Value. ‘Subconsciousslowly builds up from start to finish, in a way I can only describe as a mixture between speaker feedback and a steam train – and it rolls deep all the way to its destination.

  • And secondly, the pinnacle of the EP comes from Optiv and CZA with ‘Strangerlands’. This is the teaser track that first caught my attention a little while ago. Hearing it amongst the rest of the album, without wanting to detract from the other pieces, it is easy to see it as the most likely choice for the club or party. 

It just works all round, a crowd pleaser and one you will hopefully hear throughout your Christmas and New Years revels. Which is soon by the way, hallelujah!


Reece Webster

(Underground Columnist)