_Opinion: Gastronomy Lesson

_Opinion: Gastronomy Lesson

The sold out venue on Friday night offered a 5-star meal of Drum and Bass.

  • The pre-drinks happened in „the tunnel „ and „the cave”,  really interesting places for pre-drinks I would say, with some bassline and garage flavor.
  • The oven was slowly heated up for the main dish in room one with Culture Shock and Hight Contrast.
  • For those who are alway hungry, like me, the appetizer was served in room 2. Just because it is not the main dish does not mean it could not be the speciality. I have watched enough MasterChef to know that the uniqueness comes in the form of Gourmets, sorted with predominant ingredients. Please, I want some more from that SASASAS sous! The movement they have started was overtaking them over the microphone. With every para-ra-papaa”  we were one closer to name the date „Remember, remember, 'The Run' in November”.
  • The meal was served, everyone was on the table and waiting for the main – real technique, a half vinyl set from DJ Hype and straightforward Neurofunk from The Prototypes.

Unfortunately, nothing is perfect.

There was unacceptable disrespect towards everyone ears and what level of noise they are capable of tolerating. 

It resulted in releasing unbelievable amounts of decibels enabling a human being to hear nothing else but the „click” of the snare.


Nevertheless, this dinner (*cough*) rave, was really good – 5 stars.

A letter from a Rave Gastronomer

Eva Christoff

(Underground Columnist)