I:Mterview: Grey Code

I:Mterview: Grey Code

We are pleased to introduce an upcoming producer and DJ, part of the University of Bristol Family – Grey Code!

His real name is Spencer Warren and he is studying Computer Science at UOB!

He is the president of the uni’s DJSoc. You can also hear him, and other committee members at Burst Radio hosting "DJ SOC: In session".

Despite having a lot of work, just like all of us at uni, he produces quality drum and bass music. He is recognized by nonother but Noisia themselves featured several times in their highly prolific radio show „Noisia Radio”.

  • Introduce yourself, tell us something that no one knows about you!

I'm Spencer Warren A.K.A Grey Code, studying Computer Science at UOB!

I started producing dubstep about 4 years ago under the alias Sponce but moved over to drum and bass after hearing Primitive Techniques by the Upbeats:

This album was a massive game changer for me and led me to find Invisible records (another of Noisia's labels) where I fell in love with minimal/deep drum & bass.

My current alias was born from my poor file naming. I made a track called 'Grey Code' and sent it to Amoss for their Cranium Sessions podcast. They announced it as Grey Code – 9 and Signal told me that instead of correcting them to just change my name to Grey Code and name the track '9'.

  • Do you have a favorite night?

One of my favorite gigs is Collective. Collective is run by DLR, Break and a couple other guys (I think) the first Thursday of every month at the crofters rights. It has great dnb lineups for only a fiver.

We found it on Soundcloud and it is rather good; go get it!
— Noisia about "ICU" on Noisia Radio
  • We in Inter:Mission are passionate young people trying to find our mission in life. You are pretty young as well, have you found your mission?

I think my mission in life is whatever I end up doing.

  • You must know the Bristol scene inside out, tell us something interesting and weird about it?

The Bristol music scene was the main reason I wanted to study here. Bad Company, Koan Sound, Culprate, Break, DLR, Roni Size, DJ Die and Krust (to name a few) all came from here and it seemed like a good grounding to continue my drum and bass path.

  • You had your breakthrough with appearing several times in the Noisia radio. Have you planned something bigger?

 Yes, a massive honor to be selected by Noisia. I have a couple releases in the pipeline on some large labels so keep an eye out in 2017!

Eva Christoff 

(Underground Columnist)