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_Opinion: We need Dub FX to let ourselves go

Eva's Blog, EventI:MDub Fx, SWX
_Opinion: We need Dub FX to let ourselves go

Dub FX and company made Tuesday night truly magical.

Even for relatively early hours for an event of this rank (19.00 to 23.00), the audience was really hyped. It is worth mentioning that every single person knew exactly what they were in for.

No glassy eyes and doll faces. Absolutely colorful, lovely and beautiful people.


The early night started with some heavy tunes from "Draft". Following Draft was "Andy V" who put together his own live show for the first time. I bet you Andy V will be just as good if not better than Dub Fx pretty soon.


This is the best night of my tour so far! Thank you, Bristol!
— Dub Fx on Stage in SWX

No new nor old tune hampered anyone for singing along. If the night was not terrifically good enough for some, then at least the appearance  of Cade, Mr. Woodnote and Eva Lazarus on stage must have made it legendary. Some luckypeople at the front of the stage even saw Daddy G from Massive Attack supporting Dub Fx from the backstage (he can be seen on the picture above - the top right dude ;-).

This cannot be truer as he came back onto the stage after loud chants singing: 


Eva Christoff