Underground, EventI:MDub Fx, SWX

_Event: Dub FX - SWX

Underground, EventI:MDub Fx, SWX
_Event: Dub FX - SWX

Dub FX is coming to SWX, Bristol as a date on his world tour.


DATE: Tuesday 22nd November 19:00 – 23:00
NIGHT: Dub FX live
VENUE: SWX bristol
ARTIST: Dub FX + Support(Draft & Andy V)


Dub FX is probably one of the most unique live artists in the world. He started as a street performer and now he is traveling the world presenting his new album „Thinking clear”. 

Born in Melbourne (Australia), he had started touring Europe and performing his music on the street. One day, a friend recorded his performance and put it on YouTube. The video went viral with more than 9 million views (23m now).

So as we get up on stage and take you to another level
We’ll be riding on the bass on the mids on the treble
Making hot fresh dubby stylee on the mic
Or we be rocking in the middle of the street late at night
No rehearsals needed to rock a stage show
Cos we surf upon the rhythm and we move with the flow
— Birds and the Bees - Dub FX

Dub Fx is performing Drum & Bass like no one else. He only uses his voicebeatboxing and loop machines. With terrifically deep lyrics that are better than any of today's trendy singers, that you are listening to .

You probably expect a lot of people "losing themselves" in front of a DJ desk under tons of bass when you hear d&b. But his concerts are nothing like you have ever experienced. They come closer to a spiritual journey than a rave.

Eva Christoff