_Opinion: Grime at the Blast

_Opinion: Grime at the Blast

Tonight’s grime heavy vibe was set up initially by Chimpo, whose eclectic mix of electronic music will have found the right frequency for all tastes.

He set his foundations in slow grime and bassline, perhaps not wanting the crowd to peak too quickly. It did seem a little too tame for warming us up, however, most listeners just slowly bobbing along to the vocals on each track. Luckily, towards the end things picked up as he started to drop heavier hitting drum and bass and dubstep mixed in good fashion alongside the grime.

Afterwards we were in for a treat in the form of the Newham Generals lighting up the Marble Factory stage. The duo, consisting of one-part MC Footsie and the other part D Double E, have consistently sent waves through the grime scene. Over 10 years ago they were signed to the quirkily named ‘Dirty Stank’ record label by none other than Dizzee Rascal. And since then they have moved from strength to strength; tonight being no exception. Footsie ran his cool rhythmic lyrics next to D Double E’s unique and catchy vocals. The Generals had their audience captured with a high powered set, the highlight of course being their classic: ‘Locked In’.

As you can imagine for such a well-known song the people filling up the room to watch shouted as much of the bars as the guys did on stage.

After such a raucous set it was surely a hard act to follow, had Dj Spyro not been next on the bill.

The last of the heavy grime sets of the night Spyro kept the crowd in high spirits, moving through an impressive ensemble of quintessential grime tracks that everyone could sing along too. The stage was full of entourage and other AAA members during the act clearly a nod to the ability of the dj. Even Footsie and D Double E were staying to dance around to the beats laid down and it seemed like the perfect way to end a night of grime heavy elecftronic music.

Reece Webster