_Eva's Late Night Babble: Mantra

_Eva's Late Night Babble: Mantra

You must have lived under a rock if you haveN't Yet heard of Noisia’s new album „Outer Edges”.

It’s just pure art
— Skrillex

Noisia's powerful video for their song „Mantra”, is one refugee story, as real as it could be.

The clip made me feel like I had a ball in my throat. There were moments in which I had to take deep breaths, because I had forgotten to breathe before.

(c) azfiu

(c) azfiu

One thing that especially caught my attention was people’s reaction to the clip. How a single music video could open a discussion around the refugee crisis once again, only helped to emphasizes how incredible the video production is.

Only a few years ago, people from my country were treated similarly

I was told to RUN AWAY by my family, teachers and friends. They said "Get the hell out of this country with the first opportunity you have". And so I did.

— Friends of mine, teachers, members of family

My advice: Watch the video and let go of everything. Let the music flow and embrace it. Once the clip is over, put yourself in their shoes...

Eva Christoph (Underground columnist)

(c) Thumbnail by Krasen Maximov