_Eva's Late Night Babble: Excision - Virus

_Eva's Late Night Babble: Excision - Virus

Dear Headbangers,

If you know what this means and you know who Jeff Excision is, you are my friend.

  • Did you start kickboxing to learn the art of "Throwin’ Elbows" ? If yes, Hiya Soul Mate!
  • If you didn’t, here is my description of how the  „Virus” works.

A human immune cell is under siege, releasing scores more of its invaders, which will go on to infect other cells. The attackers are human immunodeficiency viruses (Excision). By injecting its genetic information (X) into a cell, a single virus hijacks a cell, recruiting cellular machinery to manufacture many new viruses and promote further infection.

Symptoms are headbanging, throwing elbows, halucinating Harambe, experiencing time paradoxes and many more

If you didn’t get a word, just listen to the new Exision album „Virus” and get infected.

Eva Christoph (Underground Columnist)

(c) Thumbnail by Krasen Maximov