_A Stomper's Guide: Episode 001

_A Stomper's Guide: Episode 001
  • "_A Stomper's Guide" is Reece Webster's underground column. A place for reflection and the diary of a recovering party addict.

All through the week I’ve been looking for some inspiration to get out of bed. After a weekend away in Edinburgh (the music wasn’t quite to my taste but the people were great)

I came down with a severe case of lack of sleep, overworked body and general winter blues.

Monday came and went with me barely getting out of bed, just about enough to get some work done. Tuesday was just as hard and I just couldn’t find anything to listen to that got my blood pumping and my butt out of bed. Come Wednesday I was going through old tracks on my playlist such as Dimensions – Whip Slap. That heavy hitting drum and bass was certainly the kind of thing I was looking for and the day become much more productive.

Though a little too late in the week, on Thursday I finally found the sound I was looking for. It came in the form of an Optiv & CZA (Cause4concern) collaboration named Strangerlands. This is the first track on an upcoming Terminal EP called Node 0x00A, (released 22nd November 2016) which also features Current Value, Malux and Disprove & Tobax.

Expect heavy rolling neuro and something to get you out of bed come Monday morning.

Reece Webster (Underground Columnist)