_Opinion: Third Floor View

_Opinion: Third Floor View

The Halloween party united numerous interesting faces under its beats. From the Walking Dead & Prison Break fans to the guys in dresses, the banana dudes, Bender’s head and the two 80’s pimps - it was a crowd worth looking at. 

The warehouse-like venue vibes as well as the sold out hype night contributed to The Blast.

The Marble factory's promising line-up was well worth it, but only if you had the third’s floor view. Watching people downstairs having fun whilst also having enough space to breathe meant you had the luxury of no one stepping on your toes. Having little personal space made you enjoy the UK Bass stitches in your legs.

The highly anticipated guest of the night took over the desk at 2am. For the majority of people who were happy listening to Grime and UK Bass all night, Shy FX played a decent set. For those who were expecting quality d&b tunes, 3 songs just weren’t enough. But the majority of people there were perhaps a little too "zombie-faced” to even understand that, so the over-all music selection probably didn’t matter that much. 

Next door the Newham Generals brought high quality Grime and proved their reputation to be true.

Half way through the night, outside’s bench space looked more like fast foods corner and detoxification sector than a chilling rave area.

But just before you left, one man’s rhymes  would have stopped you. The emergency guest MC Det, thoroughly saved the night. Accompanied by MC Reddit and Jaydrob, who weren’t even in the set list, made Shy to look like a EDM wannabe. Det, who won 2015’s Drum&Bass oldskool MC award, showed his class.

The highly underrated second room, turned out to be numerous times better than the main one.

MC Reddit made an unbelievable performance putting his Dup style MCing opposing the heavy tunes, which Jaydrop was putting. The trio ended up having hardly accomplishable symbiosis, proving that nothing interesting happens before 4 am.


Eva Christoph