Poem of the Month: How to Cope With Grieving

Poem of the Month: How to Cope With Grieving

Possibly I’m probably the most passive fucker you’d ever meet,

Riled up easily at things seen on street corners and the day to day shit,

Don’t act like I have a problem with you that hatchet has been buried,

much like the body of my former self,

black and blue beheaded,

shoved in there hastily then shallowly covered,

knowing that the dead don’t stay dead for long,

spice headed zombies walk the streets between you and me,

you call it a shame I call it an atrocity,

and frankly what is possibly the worst to me helpful hurtful platitudes of what it meant for you,

physicality had died years ago along with my former self,

a shallow grave for my ego now I feel like I’m someone else,

 listening to lines in other people’s songs,

you won’t meet a girl sitting in your room feeling sad,

don’t check up on me I don’t need any pity from it is meant to be,

 pity and sympathy just put me down and be done with it,

Fetch and I shall receive dogs like to deceive,

heartfelt compliments and a blanket that doesn’t feel half as cold as when you last shared it with me,

living between the lines of what you meant to me.

Meet the poet - George Trueman

George is a film student with a talent for script writing, which influences his poetry writing style. This poem touches upon emotions of resentment to past lovers who have let you down. To see more of George’s work visit the production collective he scriptwrites for called Purple Tape here.