Poem of the Month: Dry Dock

Poem of the Month: Dry Dock

I thought love was Two whisky milkshakes and a cheese knife

Smuggled onto the top deck 

(Blurred lights through Leeds rain)


Later, it was hands around my neck

That could have-

Should have-


I thought it was buying bleach

To kill the mould

That leached all colour and breath 

Out of the white wall that wrapped 

Around a nest of books and you and 

All the rest-


Of everything I thought was love.

If you believe it, then it’s true.

Me and you, not me next to you 

Whilst you do everything 

That you would be doing anyway,

Just another day in the city 

Which I thought revolved around-


Liquor and going to the shops,

Backstreets meeting friends of 

Friends and days that blur into 9ams (missed,) another late bus 

To scrub your smell off only to rush

Straight back into another

Night of 

What I thought was


That looked like Love 

Meet the Poet - Bee Claire

When I was seven, I won a poetry prize with Girl Guiding UK, for a piece about friendship. The prize was a day trip to London. I had never been before, so I took lots of photos on my disposable camera, and spent days making a scrapbook to remember the trip in the weeks afterwards. Fourteen years later, I live in North London and study Creative Writing at the University of Oxford- something that seven year old me would never have predicted. At that point, I wanted to be an Egyptologist, or a singer. Writing has always been a private, cathartic process for me, done under the duvet by torch light when I was younger, and more recently I’ve been filling up the notes section on my phone with scraps of poems during quiet moments. This is the first time that one of my poems will have left my circle of family and friends in fourteen years, and hopefully it won’t be the last.