POEM OF THE MONTH: The Ocean's Heart

POEM OF THE MONTH: The Ocean's Heart

Where are the filled spaces between my fingers?

Are you hidden in the rocks and the grass of the sea?

Deep blue heart and golden eyes,

Washed away under times mirage,

You sing to the moonrise too.

I knew you once in evenings to come

Where I will speak of the tide that melted our shores together.

A forgotten future it seems,

Weakens my romanticism to the core.

Brown sand,

We whistle to the rocks that we once were-

A larger part of the mothers meaning-

We become (More) In being-


Time shifting where we, fireflies, dance soft

Through swirling porcelain gulls and seaside flower beds

that mark precious lives to come.


Are you.

The space


Between my palms.

A separate rounded human beings that shape shifts beneath the liquid ground I stand upon.

Speckled mouths and nought crossed hearts-

collaboration of fallen somethings

Dreams within me,

Somebody that can lift me into

Skies as life as the day you were born,

The smile of your mother when she first held you warm.

This is how we shall be -


A small


Of the ocean,

A mortal recyclable cluster of dust that will,

Soon come.

My otherness,

My sun.

Meet the Poet - Hannah Roberts

Hannah is a singer/songwriter, poet, actress and artist. She studies Theatre at the University of Bristol, but this is just a day job. To check out all her other amazing artistic ventures visit her Soundcloud and Instagram, and come along to the Cut the Crap Poetry Evening on October 17th where she will be performing.