Scarlett Kennedy


Scarlett Kennedy
Keratin on keratin,
Hand in mouth,
I refuse your tit bits.
I don’t need this flesh
I get my protein
From my own finger tips.

Clearly I’m sick of hearing my own voice,
But please at least respond,
Not resonate silence from the backseat.
My words -
Like water off a duck's back
Before the gunfire, oven and fork,
Of which I speak

Preaching to a choir,
That sings to drown me out,
Songs of kicking up a fuss.
They “do their bit elsewhere”,
And do not accept that
Passiveness will be the death of us
Meet the Poet - Scarlett Kennedy
"I wrote this poem to accompany a recent article I wrote - The End of the World Will Be Medium-Rare, which you can read here. The topic of vegetarianism is one that I am very passionate about. Often it feels that regardless of the many statistics you memorise or logic that you present regarding the benefits of cutting down our meat consumption - for ourselves and the planet we call home - people still dismiss you. This can be truly heartbreaking and frustrating. I, in fact wrote this poem in my head while crying in the car as I was driving home from a family meal where someone had made the joke of 'how to cure vegetarianism'. It was a joke - nothing malicious - I understand that. But still, it unsettled me.
I don't think I have ever written a positive poem; all my inspiration is sourced from exasperation, as if in an attempt to get people to listen I put my words in different formats. Maybe one day I'll put them in a song, and then a book, and finally on the RyanAir safety instruction card - 'cause everyone reads them."