Poem of the Month: Checkerboard Legs

Poem of the Month: Checkerboard Legs

When once in the morning,

Having rested only little,
I found myself fawning,
Over a girls legs and behind
The Checkerboard leggings,
The Roe queen who walks on great stilts.
Why is it that such longings
Strike and shiver me to my core.
Am I to be poorer?
For disconnecting body from the girl herself!
Or just another stranger,
A face and not a person.

Meet The Poet - Alex Falkenbergg

“Poetry has always meant something to me, though it is only in the last few years that I have actively looked into it. Before it was something intertwined with music, art and politics that I liked. The Velvet Underground and Bob Dylan are both poets in my interpretation, along with Basquiat’s musing’s as Samo which are intently poetic.

At the time I wrote this poem I was studying the romantics. Much of their works are the expression of love and or desire and so i wanted to be candid like they were partially for humour but also to be striking. I think the everyday nature of the poem, fancying someone one doesn't quite know and how one creates an imagined character from this is really interesting. That’s ultimately why i wrote the poem. Also i was just getting to know a girl, so i could interpret the poem too as an attempt of understanding what i was going through.”