Scarlett Kennedy

Meet the I:M Poets - Layla Savage

Scarlett Kennedy
Meet the I:M Poets - Layla Savage

In preparation for the Cut The Crap Poetry evening, I:M sits down with the poets and performers. With honesty the core theme for the event, we look to hear some truths from the artists and to also celebrate the beginning of the new poetry section of the magazine. The event is fast approaching, on October 17th. Here’s the poet Layla Savage sharing her thoughts with us.

What is your name and what do you do/study?


My name is Layla savage and I’m a first year studying English at Bristol uni.

When and why did you start writing poetry?

I wrote a few things here and there for a while, but I think I properly started writing after I went to a local spoken word event called ‘Pint Sized Poetry’ organised by my friend. I was really inspired by the work that people had shared and wanted to give it a go myself.

Have you every performed your poetry before?

Yep! I have performed once at the second ever Pint Sized Poetry event in Watford.

Who are your main inspirations in the poetry world?

Well, my no.1 would have to be my incredible friend Sarah Kenny who single-handedly organised and produced the Pint Sized Poetry events (I promise I’m not being paid to plug it), creating a real community for spoken word, as well as writing her own bomb work and performing it in various places in London! I really don’t think I would have started writing if it wasn’t for her. Other inspirations would be Kate Tempest and Anne sexton.

What does cut the crap mean to you? What truth are you trying to tell?

For me, Cut the Crap is just about being honest. With yourself mostly, but what I think it so beautiful about spoken word is that you can be so honest with yourself when you are writing and creating something, and then share it with other people in an open space and all just be really truthful together. Cut the Crap is just about getting over ego and pride and just being honest with what you feel.

Check out the Pint Sized Poetry Facebook page here.