Tom Whitson

Instagram: @tomshortflicks

‘The sense of identity in Cuba branches over the all corners of life, offering shade to the hardship which comes with being ruled by a Communist regime. The Cuban people are proud of their distinct identity. During my first chat with a local, an hour after touching down in Havana, I was told to enjoy the 'salsa, cigars, and chicas.' An oversimplification, but most Cubans will tell you that their sense of community and value they place in partying is vital in maintaining happiness.

Perhaps the only distinctly Communist country left in the world; life for most Cubans is hard. Tobacco farmers have to sell 80% of their crops to the government for a naff price, and rationing is still necessary in most parts of the country. Dreams of travelling abroad remain an impossibility for most Cubans.

This hardship has borne a strong sense of identity and community, explaining why this circles round a life of pleasure, of sipping rum on the beach, and smoking cigars in plazas surrounded by live music.’