Sophia Willcox

“I am a Textile Print Student studying at Chelsea College of Art. Despite being predominantly a Print student, my work takes many mediums. I start with a concept and then decide what medium it best suits. I love drawing and colour and try to ensure that whatever I’m creating there’s a recognisable aesthetic energy. My most recent work, a handmade wooden interpretation of a Taiko drum, with a knitted and latex surface, comes from Japanese influence. I wanted to create a surface comprising both textiles and sound. After stumbling across a photographic book on Japanese Taiko drummers I became fascinated by the contrasts between East and West and the meticulous craftsmanship of their culture. Since the creation of this work I have spent a month in Japan travelling this Summer. My photographic work continues with the idea of pairing and contrasting. All images were taken over the course of two years, and later put together in a series of pairs that show some consistency.”