Dylan Woodall

Contact Via instagram for comissions: dylanwoodall

I’m a 20 year old artist based in Stockport/Manchester, exploring design and illustration in a variety of ways. In September I’ll be starting the illustration with animation course at Manchester School of Art, but for now I’m just trying to experiment with methods and techniques i’ve not previously had the chance to delve into. My main creative outlet at the moment lies with a Bristol based DJ collective run by my brother and some of his pals called Semi Peppered. I’ve been shaping their aesthetic pretty much since they started out and it’s come a long way up to now. I’d definitely say it’s helped me become familiar on how to reach a middle ground with other people’s ideas and visions.

Since last summer the artwork I’ve done for Semi Peppered has started to carry a bit more of a theme in terms of the playfulness I’ve been allowed to incorporate and the methods I’ve followed. My 35mm film photography has featured in pretty much every piece i’ve made for them in the past year. There’s something about using an image of my own and placing it in a completely new context or defacing it to the point where it’s unrecognisable that really captures the effortless, cut-and-paste feel that me and the SP boys are always trying to communicate. Collage has been my favoured medium for a while now. It allows me to bind together hand made and digital techniques to create a new image and possibly a fresh narrative that people will hopefully connect with.

The illustration of the two pepper headed chaps enjoying a bottle of wine and a cigarette was done for an SP event at Cosies in Bristol. I’d become pretty drawn to chinagraph pencils (even though they were a pain to use) and the heavy wax crayon finish they have. Keen to maintain the collage style but with a more handmade approach, I created a really rough arrangement of images - mixing horrible stock photos and some of my own photography. It was purposefully hideous but I knew the chinagraph rendition would help to bring all the elements of the image together. I intend to do more art centred around an illustration like this - manipulating pictures and piecing together my own scene was really fun.

As of late, we’ve been trying to bring in an element of dark and grunginess to Semi Peppered’s aesthetic. I’ve taken loads of inspiration from the punk era and handmade punk zines. We’ll be starting to assemble our own punk inspired zine soon to promote the next event. Try and grab one if you’re around Bristol!