Sundara Karma @ 02 Academy Bristol

Coloured lights danced through musky smoke to an eerie soundtrack teasing the much-awaited arrival of the proclaimed indie four-piece, Sundara Karma. The band are rocketing through the alternative scene with the success of their debut album, 'Youth Is Only Ever Fun In Retrospect' bringing with them a spark of fresh excitement which bubbled through the eager crowd. 

Strutting onto the stage, the Reading-based quartet captured the tantalising anticipation opening with the poetic ballad 'Another Word for Beautiful,' frontman Oscar courting the crowd with a deep set gaze and impressive vocal range. Captured by their dynamic flow, Sundara Karma faced no issues in effortlessly filling the packed venue as they burst into an ecstatic set filled with alternative pop bops like 'Flame'. With guitar licks and beats darting through the energetic crowd, Sundara Karma thrived! Particularly during the rise of 'Happy Family' - strong bass line, relatable lyrics, an irresistible need to boogie - Sundara Karma flourished and Oscar graced the audience with a surprisingly elegant crowd surf; proving they're not too cool to get involved.

Sundara Karma's creative essence shone throughout, from their minimalist circle logo and band uniform to individual flares of striking peacock blue eye-makeup; bringing another dynamic to the zesty group. A band who deliver the unexpected with a fun loving flare of feel-good tunes; ironically providing a spark of unadulterated fun for the youth of today. Definitely ones to catch on their expansive UK tour, or on their return to Bristol, as they strive to make their mark on the alternative scene. 

Laura Mallinson