Interview: SIKALradio

Interview: SIKALradio

After falling in love with the music on SIKALradio I knew I had to find out more. I met up with Jaydon Moller-Clarke earlier this month to discuss his new show, his love for world music and the future of radio…

How did you choose the name Songs I Know And Love?

All I really wanted to do was to show people some songs that I know and love. I want people to take those songs and then maybe they might know and love them too. I wanted to make it a collective thing, I want to get friends in and have songs they know and love as well. For me, I think that’s what a radio show should be.

Why did you decide to start doing the show?

My mate Leo was starting a radio show called Planet Boom with his friends. I was in with them a few times and I thought “I want to do something like this for myself”. I wanted to start because I have all this music and I just wanted people to know about music I like.

What’s your earliest fond memory of listening to music?

I was listening to Manu Chao, which is this guy who makes world music, in my Dad’s car. He’d picked this CD up when he’d been travelling when he was younger. That kind of spurred my love for music. But I think what got me into loving music was making music. I realised when I was younger that I’m not that musically talented but I’m quite good at chopping up stuff. I realised that I could chop up music and then make a new sample. That lead me to search for new music.

What sort of music are you making now?

I make sampled beats. I’ve got an MPC which is a beat making drum machine, it’s just music like that. It all comes from sampling jazz really, that’s where it stems from. I used to listen to a jazz track then take the bits I liked the most and put them with a drum beat. That stretched from “I like jazz” to “I like jazz influenced world music”.

Is it a conscious choice to play a lot of world music on your show?

It’s not a conscious choice, it’s what I enjoy. I don’t think there should be the term world music really because every culture should have its music and that shouldn’t be put in one category. World music is a lot more authentic and more passionate a lot of the time. With world music there’s often not that polish that you get with more western music.

Has being in Bristol influenced your taste in music?

My friends have shown me things, but I don’t think it’s affected my music taste that much. Before I lived in a small town and I didn’t have the opportunity to go and see a lot of live music. I think it’s confirmed my suspicions about what I thought I liked.

Where else do you discover new music?

I spend a lot of time trawling through YouTube. You can get stuff on YouTube that isn’t anywhere else. I love the idea of finding something that no one else has heard. I also spend a lot of time in charity shops and record shops. A lot of the stuff in charity shops in Bristol is classical music, I’m all for classical music but a lot of the time it’s a bit drab. But there’s been a few time’s I’ve picked up records that I’ve then really loved.

What are your hopes for the show?

I want the show to carry on the way it is. I want to continue supplying music that I think people will like. The plan really is to have features every week, of my friends or other people I’ve asked. I want to do nights where you go to listen to tracks that everyone loves.

How do you feel about the move from classic radio to online platforms? Do you think radio is dying?

I think radio is thriving. The internet is providing a platform which means anyone can play music, anyone can make music, anyone can listen to music and I love that. Now’s the perfect time. I think there’s a radio resurgence. Instead of having the expensive licensing you can just set up a radio station, like exactly what I’m doing, and just do whatever you want. I’m quite excited for the future of music on the internet.


Check out the next show on www.mixcloud.com/jaydon-moller-clarke

SIKALradio will be DJing at our first Lagoon x Inter:mission Live event this Tuesday at Pata Negra. Tickets available now www.facebook.com/events/172917900097805/


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